Woman Spends 11 Days on Hold Trying to Get Unemployment Benefits

Have you ever spent a long time on hold with a customer service line? Well, Lisa Craig’s experience takes the cake. She has spent a whopping 278 hours on the phone with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, trying to get her unemployment benefits. And to make matters worse, she still hasn’t received a single penny.

Lisa lost her job back in May and has been struggling ever since. Despite her efforts to get in touch with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, she has only been able to speak with a customer service representative five times. The rest of the time she has spent on hold, listening to endless music and automated messages.

Can you believe it? Lisa has calculated that she has spent approximately 11 days on hold since she started contacting the department. That’s a significant amount of time wasted just waiting for someone to help her.

One would think that such a long wait would be due to some complicated issue, but Lisa’s case is quite simple. She was informed that someone had tried to file a claim in her name three years ago, which has put her in a “program integrity hold.” Sadly, she has no idea how to fix this issue and is left with no answers.

The director of Colorado’s Division of Unemployment Insurance, Philip Spesshardt, acknowledges that there are 150 other active claims that have taken longer than four weeks to investigate. While he didn’t comment on Lisa’s case specifically, he did promise to look into it.

It’s disheartening to see someone like Lisa struggle to get the benefits she needs after losing her job. Hopefully, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment will take swift action to resolve her case and provide her with the support she deserves.