Witty Grandma’s Unconventional Farewell: “Let’s Keep in Touch”

One thing that scares us about death is the thought of leaving our loved ones behind. When Jo Marie Perryman, also known as Jodie, passed away, she didn’t want to lose touch with her friends and family. So, in a unique twist, she left them all with something to keep in contact with her: a Ouija board.

Jodie’s 20-year-old granddaughter shared a photo of this unconventional farewell gift on Twitter, and it quickly went viral. The obituary described Jodie as someone with a quick wit and a clever sense of humor that kept everyone on their toes. “It was rare to win a battle of wits with her,” it stated.

Even beyond the grave, Jodie’s sense of humor continued to shine. In addition to the Ouija boards, she had cards made featuring a photo of her making a crazy face and playfully flipping the bird. These cards were handed out to her loved ones with a note that said, “Let’s keep in touch.”

“It was hysterical,” her granddaughter, Gracie Perryman, shared with Today. “Everybody was like, of course, that’s so Jodie of her.” Gracie revealed that prior to Jodie’s passing, she had posted something on Facebook hinting at the idea of distributing Ouija boards at her funeral. At the time, Gracie didn’t think much of it.

But it wasn’t until Gracie was at the funeral, along with 30-40 other people, that they all began opening their letters. Laughter quickly filled the room. “It was hilarious,” Gracie recalled. “Because that was so her.”

Gracie’s tweet about her grandmother’s farewell gift received a lot of responses, with many calling it “amazing” and “the stuff of legends!” Some even shared their own stories of loved ones leaving behind a last laugh.

Oh my gosh, I love this so much! I want to do something similar for my own funeral because I want people to remember the good times we had.