Why There’s Nothing Wrong with Fathers Kissing Their Children on the Lips

Being a parent comes with its fair share of joys and challenges. Every parent has their unique way of raising their children, and this includes how they show affection. In the case of Tom, a devoted father from Yorkshire, England, he has faced criticism for kissing his five-year-old son, Roman, on the lips. But why should a display of love be subject to such judgment?

A parent-child bond is crucial and has a lasting impact on a child’s morals, principles, and personality as they grow up. It’s a connection that nurtures their emotional well-being and helps them develop into confident individuals. Each parent has their own parenting style influenced by factors like culture, personal preference, and even physical and mental health considerations.


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Tom has become an internet sensation with his TikTok videos showcasing his love for his children. Unfortunately, some trolls have taken issue with him kissing Roman on the lips, accusing him of confusing the child. But Tom remains strong in his parenting choices and refuses to let the judgment of others sway him.

In response to the criticism, Tom emphasizes that he will shower his son with affection for as long as he can. He cherishes the bond they share and understands that one day, Roman may prefer different ways of showing affection. But for now, Tom embraces the joy of sharing kisses with his son and being his best friend.

Many fans have rallied behind Tom, expressing their support and sharing their own experiences. They defend the notion that displaying affection through kisses is a beautiful expression of love between a father and his child. Some even share heartfelt stories of lost loved ones, wishing they could have one more moment of snuggling and kissing with their fathers.

Unfortunately, not all criticisms are based on sentiment. One person wrongly claims that kissing on the lips can lead to cavities in children. Tom humorously puts this misconception to rest by involving Roman in a video response. Roman giggles and playfully declares that his father’s kisses won’t give him cavities, debunking the false accusation.

The overwhelming support for Tom and his parenting choices demonstrates the power of love in families. Fans from various backgrounds and cultures applaud the father-son relationship and recognize that showing affection is not gender-dependent. They encourage Tom to continue being the loving father he is and dismiss the judgment of those who try to impose their narrow views.


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In one video, Tom addresses another concern raised by a commentator who suggests that displays of affection may make Roman vulnerable to harmful individuals. Tom cleverly points out the flawed logic behind this argument. If a simple kiss from a loving father would make Roman believe it’s acceptable to kiss strangers, then, by that logic, he shouldn’t let his son do anything unsupervised.

Tom proposes a better approach – teaching Roman the difference between showing affection to his parents, his safe and loving environment, and understanding the boundaries with strangers. It’s about teaching children to distinguish between what’s natural and loving within their family and what’s inappropriate in other situations.


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The online community’s overwhelming support for Tom reveals the power of love and the importance of a loving father-child bond. He stands as a role model for fathers who shouldn’t be afraid to express their love for their children. After all, the love between a parent and child knows no boundaries, and it should be celebrated rather than condemned.

So, what do you think about fathers kissing their children on the lips? And do you believe it’s acceptable for a mother to do the same? Let us know your thoughts, and remember to spread love and understanding in our parenting choices.