While on vacation, these young people snapped some images. When she got home, the girl viewed the photographs more closely.

Rhynnice Trelfa was in a good mood when she headed to Manchester with her friends. They, of course, took images, which they then uploaded to their social media pages.

When the 28-year-old female looked deeper, one of the images caused her a huge jumpscare. 

A ghostly hand on a still background is next to her partner. She immediately re-posted the photo online, hoping that someone would be able to explain the obviously unusual occurrence.

“She shook me, and I burst into tears. I was so terrified by what I saw that my hair stood on end.

Nobody was following us, I’m sure. Especially because that hand wasn’t there when I shot another snapshot just after,” Rhynnice explained.

Dovestones Reservoir has a bleak history because many people have died there, including on that fateful day.