What Number Do You See?

Optical illusions can be quite puzzling and can challenge our eyesight. Currently, there is a special optical illusion that has been creating a buzz on the internet. Despite its apparent simplicity, it has left many people baffled.

The Optical Illusion With A Hidden Message

Optical illusions come in various forms. Some require viewers to find a mistake, while others hide the answer in plain sight. This particular illusion falls into the latter category. It tests your ability to perceive contrasting colors.

At first glance, it may seem easy to decipher. However, the more you look at it, the more you uncover. Yet, the answer still manages to confuse most viewers.

Let’s take a look at the optical illusion:

Optical Illusion Image
Image Credit: Benonwine | Twitter

This viral challenge on Twitter is gaining popularity due to its perceived simplicity. The hidden number is concealed within the striped, grey, and black circle. Can you see the complete number? Although it may appear simple, it is actually a more challenging task than it seems.

This illusion is designed to test your contrast sensitivity, which is your ability to distinguish an object from its background. In daily life, this skill is essential for tasks such as driving in foggy weather or in low light conditions, where the contrast between objects and the background is reduced.

Now that you know the purpose of this optical illusion, can you spot all the digits?

The Many Different Answers

Before revealing the actual answer, let’s take a look at some of the responses from viewers:

  • @CookieLousie: “I can only see 528. Does that mean anything about my eyesight?”
  • @Techn0phobe: “I see 528 with glasses and 45283 without… I can’t read a screen without glasses, however.”
  • @PhilippeAuclair: “45283… and what’s the catch? Should I book an appointment with my GP?”

The majority of viewers reported seeing 528, and some even saw 45283. However, the real answer will surprise you.

Are you ready for it? Here it is:

The actual answer is 3452839 – an impressive seven-digit number. Most people only noticed the numbers in the center of the circle, where the contrast was the highest. As the digits moved away from the center, the contrast with the background diminished, making the outer digits more challenging to see. However, if you squint hard enough, you might catch a glimpse of them!

If you managed to see all the digits, then you have exceptional eyesight. Feel proud of your accomplishment! Share this optical illusion with your friends and family to see how well their eyesight measures up.