What is That Little Hole At The Bottom of a Padlock For?

Padlocks are everyday items we often use to secure our bicycles, outdoor sheds, toolboxes, and gates. They are designed to resist various weather conditions and tampering attempts. But have you ever wondered about the small hole at the bottom of a padlock? It has a crucial role, and today, we’ll uncover its secret.

Serving an Important Function

Padlocks are excellent tools for keeping your belongings safe. Although they are made of metal, which makes them prone to rusting due to water and harsh weather, padlocks come with a clever feature: a tiny hole at the bottom. This little hole allows water to drain out, preventing rust buildup and extending the lock’s life.

Alternative to the Padlock Hole

While the tiny drainage hole in padlocks was once a game-changer, there are now weatherproof padlocks available in the market. These are designed to provide all-year-round protection for your valuables, making them a great alternative.

Another Reason for the Padlock Design

The small hole at the bottom of a padlock does more than prevent rust. Sometimes, a padlock may get stuck, even with the correct key or code. In such cases, you can apply a lubricant through the hole to help it open smoothly.

Other Everyday Things With ‘Hidden Features’

Padlocks are not the only items with hidden features designed for convenience and efficiency. Let’s explore some other everyday objects that have more to them than meets the eye.

Screwdrivers as Wrenches

Working on cars can often be tricky due to the tight spaces that need maintenance. However, there’s a handy trick: you can slide most screwdrivers into a wrench, allowing you to access those hard-to-reach places with ease.

Color Swatch on Clothes

Have you ever noticed a small swatch of fabric that comes with new clothes? These swatches serve several purposes. They can help you match colors when you need to repair or alter your clothes. Additionally, you can use them to test how different products, like laundry detergents, affect the fabric, ensuring you take proper care of your clothing.

Brass Padlocks and Doorknobs

Items like doorknobs, handrails, and padlocks are often made of brass for a reason. Brass is an anti-bacterial material, making it a hygienic choice for things we touch frequently.

Gas Indicator

Ever forget which side your car’s gas tank is on? Most car manufacturers thought of that and included a small triangular indicator near the gas gauge on your dashboard. This handy feature points to the side where your gas tank is located, saving you from any confusion.

A Logo Has 2 Roles

The Heinz 57 label, found on various sauce bottles, is more than just a branding element. It also serves as a guide for where to tap the bottle to make the sauce flow out smoothly.

Padlocks and the other items mentioned above are just a few examples of how thoughtful designs and hidden features can make life simpler and more convenient.