Wayne Newton Today: Age, Net Worth, Family, Children

Welcome back to our series on Wayne Newton’s life journey. In this article, we will take a closer look at where Wayne Newton is today, including his age, net worth, family, and children.

Age is Just a Number

Wayne Newton, a legendary American singer and entertainer, falls into the age group of 45-65 years old. Even though he has been in the industry for decades, his charisma and energy continue to captivate audiences of all ages. Age is just a number when it comes to Wayne Newton!

A Wealth of Success

When it comes to net worth, Wayne Newton has made quite a name for himself. With his long and successful career, he has accumulated an impressive net worth that has allowed him to live a comfortable lifestyle. His hard work and talent have truly paid off, making him a role model for many aspiring artists.

The Importance of Family

Family plays a significant role in Wayne Newton’s life. Despite his busy schedule, he always makes time for his loved ones. Wayne Newton cherishes the support and love of his family, and they have been by his side throughout his career. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in his success.

Proud Father

Wayne Newton is not only a talented performer but also a proud father. He has raised a beautiful family and takes great pride in his children. Watching them grow and succeed brings him immense joy and fulfillment. Wayne Newton’s dedication to his family is truly heartwarming.


In conclusion, Wayne Newton continues to shine brightly in the entertainment industry. His age is just a number, and his energy and passion for his craft are as strong as ever. With a remarkable net worth, Wayne Newton has achieved success beyond measure. But above all, he values his family and cherishes the love and support they provide. Wayne Newton is not only an icon but also a role model for many.

Wayne Newton, also known as “Mr. Las Vegas,” is a legendary entertainer who has captured the hearts of audiences for over 50 years. From his early beginnings in Roanoke, Virginia, to his rise to fame in Las Vegas, Newton’s journey is as captivating as his performances.

Childhood Dreams and Musical Talents

Born on April 3, 1942, Wayne Newton’s passion for music was evident from a young age. Despite facing health challenges due to bronchial asthma, Newton’s love for entertaining never wavered. At the tender age of 4, he attended a concert by Hank Williams and Kitty Wells, which sparked his desire to be on stage.

With his natural musical talent and a determination to succeed, Newton began honing his skills. By the age of 6, he and his older brother Jerry hosted their own radio show and even performed for President Truman. Their talent caught the attention of many, and they soon found themselves auditioning for the prestigious Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour.

The Road to Las Vegas

While Newton’s journey had its setbacks, including failing the auditions for Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour, his career took a turn when the family moved to Arizona to improve his health. It was there that Newton’s talent flourished, catching the eye of Lew King, who played a significant role in his rise to fame.

In his high school years, Newton and his brother were hired to perform at the Fremont Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. What was initially intended to be a two-week gig turned into a year-long residency. Newton, only 15 years old at the time, obtained a work permit and began performing six shows a night for five years.

Embracing the Vegas Dream

Las Vegas was a city filled with talent and competition, but Wayne Newton found his place among the greats. Mentored by legends like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dean Martin, Newton learned the importance of discipline and adapting to the ever-changing entertainment industry. It was during this time that he earned the nickname “Mr. Las Vegas.”

With his unwavering work ethic and captivating performances, Newton became a fixture in Vegas. He performed for up to 36 weeks straight, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

Beyond Las Vegas

While Newton’s success in Las Vegas solidified his status as an icon, his talents extended beyond the city’s bright lights. He ventured into a solo career, releasing hit songs like “Danke Schoen” and “Red Roses for a Blue Lady.” Newton even had a brief film career, appearing in the James Bond movie “License to Kill.”

Throughout his journey, Wayne Newton’s work ethic and charisma have been his guiding principles. He credits his years of performing six shows a night for shaping his discipline and sustaining his career.

A Legacy That Shines On

Wayne Newton’s legacy as “Mr. Las Vegas” continues to inspire and entertain audiences of all ages. With his timeless charm and unforgettable performances, he remains a beloved figure in the world of entertainment.

So the next time you find yourself in Las Vegas, be sure to catch a show by the one and only Wayne Newton, the man who truly embodies the spirit of Sin City.

In 2019, the world was buzzing with excitement as news broke that Wayne Newton, the legendary performer who has graced the stage with over 30,000 live performances, would be opening a new show in Las Vegas to celebrate his 60th birthday. The show, titled “Wayne Newton: Up Close and Personal,” was set to honor his remarkable life and career. However, fate had other plans.

Unfortunately, the global pandemic, Covid-19, brought unforeseen complications. It was announced in May 2021 that Wayne Newton’s highly anticipated performance at Caesars Palace’s Cleopatra’s Barge would no longer be happening. Disappointing news for fans and Wayne Newton himself. But fear not, for he remains committed to his partnership with Caesars Entertainment, albeit at a different location.

A Life in the Spotlight and the Warmth of Family

Beyond his illustrious stage career, Wayne Newton is a man who cherishes his family. In 1968, he entered into a marriage with Elaine Okamura, which sadly ended in divorce in 1985. However, fate had something beautiful in store for Wayne.

It was during his performances in Las Vegas that he first met Kathleen McCrone, an attorney. Their connection blossomed, and in 1994, they exchanged vows at Wayne Newton’s ranch, Casa De Shenandoah, in Paradise, Nevada. Together, they welcomed their daughter Ashley Newton into the world in 2002. Wayne also has a daughter named Erin from a previous union, born in 1976.

A Wealth of Success and Unwavering Passion

Throughout his illustrious career, Wayne Newton has not only won the hearts of millions but has also amassed a significant fortune. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he is worth a staggering $50 million. Impressive, isn’t it?

But despite his financial success, Wayne Newton remains motivated to pursue his passions. Retirement is not in his vocabulary. He simply cannot fathom a day when he won’t be performing. “I don’t, I swear,” he said. “Only to the extent that I took the vacation, which entailed taking a few years off because I opened up my ranch to the public, and it was enjoyable to do so. To do so, I had to apply myself fully and with interest.”

Wayne Newton’s dedication to his craft is unwavering. He still possesses the physical ability to command the stage, singing and sounding exactly how he wants. And what drives him to continue? It’s the joy he brings to others through his music. As he eloquently puts it, “I believe that what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning is the ability to witness the joy that those songs bring to others.”

A Timeless Icon, A Legacy to Cherish

Wayne Newton’s talent and passion have touched the lives of countless individuals. We sincerely hope that he will continue to grace the stage for many years to come, spreading joy and creating unforgettable memories.

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