Uninvited Guests Swarm a Car in Haverfordwest, UK

Bees on car

Imagine returning to your car after a day of shopping and finding it covered in hundreds of uninvited guests. That’s exactly what happened to Carol Howarth of Haverfordwest, UK. As she approached her vehicle, she discovered an entire swarm of bees resting on the back of her car. It was truly a sight to behold!

Tom Moses, a local resident, was taken aback by the scene. He noticed a large crowd of people gathered around, snapping photographs of the unusual sight. However, Tom couldn’t help but feel concerned. The car was parked in front of a bar, and he worried that someone might do something foolish, like throwing hot water on the swarm.

Feeling the need to take action, Tom immediately dialed the number for the local beekeepers. He knew that they would be able to handle the situation safely and effectively. The beekeepers arrived promptly and carefully placed all the bees in a box, saving Carol’s car from any harm.

Beekeepers handling the swarm

But Carol’s encounter with the bees didn’t end there. The following day, she noticed that the bees had followed her home! It turned out that the queen bee had been attracted to something in her car, possibly something sweet. The queen became entangled in the car’s plastic, leading a swarm of approximately 2,000 bees to follow and gather on the automobile.

Once again, the beekeepers were called upon to help. They were able to free the queen bee, who then returned to her home with the rest of the swarm. The beekeepers found it peculiar that the bees had followed a car for two consecutive days. While it is normal for bees to follow their queen, it is quite unusual for them to trail a car.

Bees on the car's hood

This incident in Haverfordwest serves as a reminder of the fascinating world of bees and their behaviors. It also highlights the importance of contacting professionals, like beekeepers, when faced with unusual situations involving these incredible creatures.

So the next time you come across an unexpected swarm of bees, remember Carol’s story. Stay calm, keep a safe distance, and reach out to the experts. They have the knowledge and skills to handle such situations with care and expertise.

Bees flying away