U.S. Navy Sea Chanters: The Incredible Singing Sailors!

Tasked with more than just marine safety and freedom, these combat-ready sailors are on a mission to entertain! Armed with microphones and some wicked dance moves, the members of the U.S. Navy’s Sea Chanters are here to bring the house down with their incredible performances.

Looking dapper and handsome in their whites, the Sea Chanters are the official U.S. Navy band – the cream of the crop musicians. These talented sailors perform scheduled concerts across the country, showcasing their pitch-perfect medleys.

The story of the Sea Chanters dates back to 1956 when Lt. Harold Fultz, then the assistant leader of the U.S. Navy Band, handpicked sailors from the United States Navy School of Music to sing chanteys and patriotic songs for the State of the Nation dinner. Over time, the band evolved and became the official chorus of the U.S. Navy, known as the Sea Chanters. In 1980, they even added women to their ensemble!

With a repertoire that spans classical to Broadway, and popular pop, the Sea Chanters are one of six ensembles in the U.S. Navy Band. Alongside the Concert Band, Ceremonial Band, Country Current, Commodores, and Cruisers, they play a pivotal role in lifting the spirits of the nation during times of mourning and celebration.

The Sea Chanters are made up of 170 enlisted musicians, recruited from the finest music schools and professional musical organizations. They perform over 270 public concerts and 1,300 ceremonies each year, representing the men and women of America’s Navy. From national concert tours to presidential inaugurals to memorial services at Arlington National Cemetery, the Navy Band proudly showcases the talent and versatility of the largest naval force on the planet.

One performance that captured the hearts of the nation was their homage to Broadway’s Jersey Boys. Singing hits like “Sherry Baby,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” and “Rag Doll,” the Sea Chanters brought the iconic 1960s boy band Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons back to life.

With the support of the Navy Band, the Sea Chanters wow audiences with their stunning vocals. Fans are quick to express their admiration and gratitude. One fan writes, “Excellent performance by this team! Thank you all for your service!” Another shares, “OMGOODNESS! Thank you for sharing your talent! Thank You, also, for your service!”

In another show from their summer concert series, the Sea Chanters showcased their vocal prowess in a rendition of the classic Styx song, “Come Sail Away.” Followers were quick to praise their fantastic vocals and commend the lead singer, Danlie Cuenca, for his flawless performance.

The U.S. Navy Bands have a packed schedule of performances across the country. If you’re interested in catching a show, make sure to check out their schedule and experience the incredible talent and entertainment provided by these amazing sailors!

These men and women are not only dedicated to serving their country but also use their rare talents to bring joy and smiles to the people they work hard to protect every day. Show some love to the U.S. Navy Band by sharing this incredible story of talent and dedication!