Tree Falls on Car in Douglas, Injuring Two People

Two people were injured in Douglas on Thursday afternoon when a large tree fell on their car. The incident occurred on South Street, causing quite a scare for the victims involved.

The car was traveling along the road when the massive tree unexpectedly toppled onto it. Thankfully, emergency services were quickly on the scene to provide assistance. Both individuals in the car were immediately taken to the UMass Trauma Center to receive the necessary medical attention for their injuries.

Currently, it remains unclear as to why the tree fell onto the car. The Douglas Fire Department has already taken measures to close the affected road, which will remain closed for an indeterminate amount of time.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe

This unfortunate event reminds us of the unexpected dangers present in our daily lives. It is crucial to always be aware of our surroundings, especially when driving or walking near trees, especially during windy or stormy weather conditions.

Trees are beautiful and provide numerous benefits to the environment, but they can also pose a risk when they become unstable. If you notice any signs of decay, leaning, or branches touching power lines, it is important to report it to the appropriate authorities.


While accidents like these are rare, they serve as a reminder to appreciate the fragility of life. It is essential to prioritize our safety and the safety of others, whether it be while driving, walking, or simply going about our day-to-day activities. By remaining alert and reporting any potential hazards, we can help prevent future incidents and protect ourselves and our communities.