Tragically, the rising country music sensation died.

Fans are shocked after finding that Jake Flint, a promising country music artist, died just hours after his dream wedding.

The actor died quietly in his sleep the day after his wedding on Saturday, according to Clif Doyal, the star’s publicist.

Brenda Cline, his former manager, confirmed the news on social media, stating, “I must communicate the awful news that Jake Flint has died due to a horrible accident, and it crushes my heart and fills me with grief.”

“I tried several times today to write a post, but you can’t comment on something you can’t process.”

Jake’s wife, Brenda, also shared videos and photographs from their wedding on Instagram with the caption, “I don’t understand.”

In a later statement, she went on to describe her understandable pain. “It is not in the human body’s design to endure such agony.” We’re supposed to be going through wedding photos, but instead I’m choosing out burial clothes for my husband.”

“I’ve lost my entire self, and all I want is for him to come back to me.” I’m not sure I can take much more of this. “I can’t do it without him.”

Prayers, sad comments, and condolences poured in, with many imploring Jake’s family to remain strong at this difficult time.

Jake was meant to restart his tour on December 2nd, where he had left off. What’s your name? and Long Road Back Home were two of his hits and studio albums.

Jake fell in love with country music after learning that his father had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

His father hoped that it would make up for his incapacity to participate in physical activities with his son. He asked his companion for confirmation. He requested that his friends teach him a range of talents.