Tragic Car Crash Claims the Lives of a Loving Family

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, tragedy struck shortly after an Ohio photographer captured the special moments of a beautiful family. The family of five, who had just experienced the joy of their first-ever photoshoot, lost their lives in a fatal car crash less than 12 hours later.

Reflecting on the devastating news, Rhae Harris, the 45-year-old owner of Rhae Rose Photography, expressed her profound sadness. She shared, “Though I did not know them well, I am devastated by this news, so I cannot imagine what their family and friends are going through.”

Rhae had been in touch with Muriel Michael, 28, for some time, discussing the idea of capturing the essence of her family through photography. Finally, on Saturday, March 26, their paths crossed, and the photoshoot took place.

During the shoot, the children, Aurora Michael, 7, and Deklin Jankowski, 9, along with their little brother Riggs Brown, 1, radiated joy and well-behaved charm. Rhae raved about Riggs, declaring him to be the best one-year-old model she had ever encountered. The love and bond this family shared were beautifully captured in the Easter-themed photos.

Excited about future collaborations with Muriel, Rhae looked forward to capturing precious moments throughout their engagement and wedding. Unfortunately, destiny dealt a cruel blow, shattering these dreams forever. Soon after the shoot, the family of five was involved in a fatal car crash.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the accident occurred when Zane Hull, 21, failed to yield to Muriel’s vehicle at the intersection of County Road H and County Road 14 in Clinton Township. The collision was devastating. Xavier Brown, 25, and Deklin tragically lost their lives at the scene. Aurora and Riggs were urgently transported to Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center, but their injuries were too severe, and they could not be saved. Muriel, struggling to hold on, succumbed to her injuries on Monday night.

The driver of the other vehicle suffered only minor injuries.

In the face of such a horrific incident, a GoFundMe page has been set up to support the grieving family with burial expenses. In just one day, the community has rallied together, raising over $40,000 as a testament to the shared compassion and support during this difficult time.

This serves as a stark reminder of the preciousness of life, urging us never to take anything for granted. Let us come together in solidarity, sharing this story to extend our prayers and thoughts to the loved ones of this devastated family.