To discipline his 16-year-old daughter, a furious father shaved her head.

The man disclosed in a since-deleted Reddit post that his daughter was disciplined at school for making fun of another student whose hair had been lost due to cancer treatment. As part of her bullying, she even went so far as to remove the girl’s wig. The father reasoned that the only way to get his daughter to learn a lesson was to be much more blunt since she showed no remorse.

However, as the father emphasized, the daughter’s actions is not justified by having “bad blood” with someone. They had supposedly been at odds since since the daughter started seeing the other girl’s ex-boyfriend.

He added, “It genuinely disgusted me to hear how she acted. Not how I’ve raised my daughter to respect people.”

In fact, she defended her actions by asserting that the girl in issue deserved them. The father had had enough by this time.

He presented his daughter with two options.

The man gave the adolescent two options since there was no way he was going to let this issue go. First off, he would no longer buy her anything technological, including her phone, computer, and other devices. Two, she may visit the hairstylist and get her whole head shaved.

And she doesn’t get a wig; instead, she continues to attend class without it until it comes back. She ultimately decided to go with that.

“Her mother went crazy at me stating it will make her the target of bullying,” he wrote in the post, “which is kind of the purpose.”
Keep in mind that the father didn’t consult his ex-wife because she “moved on with her new family” and had full custody of their daughter.

He claims that he devised the punishment because he believed that his daughter lacked a profound understanding of the kid she mistreated.

“My daughter is aware of this, which is why I was so disgusted by her actions. There was a blatant lack of humanity displayed. I believed she would learn a lesson if she went to school bald and walked a mile in the other girl’s shoes.”

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