Tiger Woods Explains Why His Daughter Prefers to Stay Away from Golf

Tiger Woods recently shared insights into his children’s varying relationships with golf.

While Tiger’s son, Charlie, is rapidly making a name for himself in the golfing world—having just competed for a spot in the U.S. Open shortly after winning a state championship at the age of 15—his daughter Sam’s feelings about the sport are quite different.

At 16, Sam does not share her father and brother’s enthusiasm for golf. This sentiment was made clear during a heartfelt conversation with Carson Daly, where Tiger delved into personal aspects of his family life.

As Tiger explained, Sam’s reluctance towards golf stems from her childhood experiences where the sport often meant prolonged periods away from her father. “When she was growing up, golf took daddy away from her. I had to pack and leave, sometimes for weeks,” Tiger confided, highlighting the underlying negative associations his daughter has with golf.

Despite this, Tiger mentioned that he and Sam have built a robust relationship through shared interests that do not involve golf. “We find plenty to enjoy together outside of the green,” he commented.

On the other hand, Tiger’s interactions with his son revolve significantly around golf, marking a distinct difference in his relationships with his children.

Although Sam might not share the same passion for golf, she has shown immense support for her father’s legacy. Remarkably, she even caddied for Tiger a few months ago, one of the rare occasions involving her in the sport.

Additionally, Sam is carving her own niche in athletics, shining in soccer and track and field at her high school. Her soccer team’s impressive record of 17 wins to 1 loss speaks volumes about her athletic capability and her potential to reach the state championship.

This blend of achievements and personal choices highlights the diverse interests and dynamics within Tiger Woods’ family, contributing to a rich tapestry of personal and professional experiences.