This woman used to weigh 500 kilos; however, she is 91 kilos now… Here is how she looks!

Mayra Lisbeth Rosales, once weighing 500 kilograms, held the title of the world’s most obese woman. Her weight gain, turning her into a half-ton mass, came with time, initially without health issues.

However, her increasing weight eventually left her immobile, rendering her incapable of performing basic self-care tasks, such as showering or even moving. Her devoted husband assumed the role of her primary caregiver, attending to her every need.

A turning point occurred in Mayra’s life when a profoundly touching event unfolded. Her sister, in a moment of rage, severely injured her son, leading to the child’s hospitalization and, tragically, his subsequent death. Mayra’s sister faced legal consequences and was incarcerated. This tragic incident made Mayra realize that she needed to step up as the primary support system for her sister’s children.

Motivated by this life-altering event, Mayra embarked on a weight loss journey, understanding that shedding her excess weight was essential to assume her newfound responsibility. To initiate her transformation, she underwent a series of surgeries, a complex operation that involved a dedicated team of doctors and firefighters employing specialized equipment to transport her from her bed to the hospital.

Over the course of 11 surgeries, Mayra faced the substantial challenge of addressing the condition of her skin and muscles, which had deteriorated significantly due to her immense weight. Despite the daunting obstacles, she remained resilient and committed to her goal.

Mayra refused to give in, diligently adhering to exercise regimens approved by medical specialists. Her determination stemmed from her desire to care for her sister’s children effectively. Through her unwavering efforts, Mayra succeeded in shedding a remarkable 80 percent of her weight, totaling more than 400 kilograms.

Today, she enjoys a significantly improved quality of life, weighing 91 kilograms and radiating with newfound confidence and vitality. Mayra has emerged as a charming and resilient woman who has conquered the odds to achieve her remarkable transformation.