This mother had a very healthy pregnancy up until she received a warning that her unborn child might have abnormalities.

Like any other woman who wants a child, Olesia was overjoyed to learn that she was expecting and eager to embark on the journey that will result in motherhood. The best news a woman who wishes to have a child can get is news like this.

Throughout the pregnancy, Olesia took all the necessary precautions. Up until one of the ultrasounds, when the doctors informed her that she would give birth to a kid with deformities, everything appeared to be very good and normal.

The physicians informed her that the baby’s organs are swollen and that the hands are not yet forming. The parents were surprised to hear this information, but they had never considered giving up the child because they cherished him so much.

The doctors were up front and honest with the expectant mother, telling her that it would be too big of a commitment for anyone to care for the baby in particular for the rest of their lives.

The woman also recalls being warned to consider her choice very carefully since having a disabled child will affect the course of her life because she will have to provide for the child’s needs forever and because the child may have various pains and require ongoing medicine.

The baby’s parents, Olesia and Eugen, attempted not to respond to these questions; all they said was that their child will be born and that they would make sure to provide for all of his requirements.

In order to prevent future complaints, the doctor provided them a paper with the ultrasound results as proof that they were informed of the child’s health issues. He then said that it is their option if they want to live their entire lives in this manner.

The months went by despite the parents’ continual consideration of how their child might turn out.

Eugen made an effort to avoid dwelling on what the doctor had said, especially since he didn’t want to worry his wife any more. Instead, he chose to spend the time by doing something productive.

Eugen began setting up the child’s room so that it would be ready when they arrived home from the hospital with the newborn.

The baby indicated that he was ready to be delivered in December, and the two future parents eagerly, but also filled with mixed emotions, headed to the hospital to meet their child.

Olesia gave birth to a girl after three hours, and her hands were unharmed. Eugen was told by the doctor that his newborn daughter was born and is in perfect health. When Eugen heard the word “healthy,” he became perplexed.

The infant, Nadejda, was in perfect health, but Olesia was found to have a large uterine fibroid.

This disease was the true cause of the ultrasonography abnormalities. But now that their gorgeous baby daughter had just been born, none of those things mattered any longer.

The two parents are overjoyed that they chose wisely.

A picture of young Nadejda is seen here.