This brave woman claims that having a stroke and losing her ability to move below the waist was the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Perhaps the most painful things that can happen to a person is heartbreak. We routinely fall into destructive patterns of behavior and then break them. This is the reason why we like reading about amazing people who have overcome major setbacks in their lives.

Riona Kelly’s story will be told today. She was rendered immobile at the moment as her health took a dreadful turn for the worse just as her husband left her. But because it resulted in her thriving in a new relationship, she is grateful for all that happened.

Paralyzed and divorced—a double whammy

39-year-old Riona Kelly’s marriage was terrible. She was about to ask for her husband’s divorce. Riona’s situation was not good, but she was unaware that there was yet more to come.

In 2015, she fell down the stairs. When he heard the loud bangs, her five-year-old son Logan yelled for help. Immediately after being transported to the hospital, the nurses informed her that she had suffered a rare spinal stroke. She became paralyzed from the waist down as a result.

Riona was unable to cope with the news. To make matters worse, her spouse decided to file for divorce as a result. Riona had only been in the hospital for five days when he announced his intention to file for divorce.

Riona stated, “I had to deal with paralysis in addition to losing my companion of 14 years,” and “I was utterly alone after he sought for a divorce,” after suffering a stroke. ” After five days in the hospital, I was told that my recovery would take six to twelve months.”

Riona was fortunate that one of her close friends was willing to help her out at this tough time. ” My friend Sarah became my biggest help after my husband left me in the hospital.”

An encouragement to keep going

Riona had to make a lot of adjustments, many of which were challenging and would have led to many people stumbling. Riona, though, found motivation to keep her will in order to support her four children (whom she shared with her now ex-husband).

Just eight weeks after her injury, Riona stunned her medical staff by taking her first step after becoming paralyzed. She used a bar to keep herself upright, so it wasn’t perfect, but she wasn’t going to give up.

Riona recalled: “I was dragging my body and had no feeling in my legs, but I didn’t care; I was walking and that was all that mattered.” My consultant was overcome with emotion; he found it hard to comprehend that I had accomplished it with the help of a standing frame.

Riona was able to leave the hospital thanks to the support of the other patients, her drive to stand up for her children, and her determination to go back home. It had been four months since the incident. The other patients on the ward, she continued, “were fantastic; I received such great support from them and they inspired me to get up every day.”

Now that she was back at home, Riona wished to begin exercising so she could get stronger. She published a request for a personal trainer on Facebook. Kieth then began to influence her life. She hired him to be her coach, but their connection grew swiftly. Following our sessions, Riona stated, “Keith and I stayed in touch. He would ask how I was doing, and our connection evolved from there.  11 months into our relationship, the kids adore him, and I finally feel like I’m living the life I deserve.”

Riona has heard Kieth tell her how much she motivates him every day, but it appears that they share this sentiment.”  Keith claims that I inspire him, but I know that he supports me every day and can see the suffering I’m going through,” she said. ” I adore him more and more every day because of the wonderful way he has treated me and the kids.”

Riona continued by mentioning how Kieth is helping her get stronger every day and allowing her to accomplish so much more than what is often expected of her. Going through what I did,” she claims, “was the nicest thing that has ever happened to her.”