They were eagerly anticipating the birth of their daughter

According to her parents, a baby was born with a birthmark that covered a third of her face and gave her the appearance of the superhero Batman.

Andrew, 34, and Lacey Jackson, 35, were shocked to see Natalie come with a big mark that resembled a mask on part of her forehead, nose, and around her left eye.

The parents said they were “hit with panic” when a nurse lifted the baby after her Caesarean delivery on January 9 of this year.

According to Mrs. Jackson, doctors worry that Natalie’s birthmark may continue to spread and cause health issues, and the pair is worried that she would experience cruel treatment as sheAccording to Mrs. Jackson, doctors worry that Natalie’s birthmark may continue to spread and cause health issues, and the pair is worried that she would experience cruel treatment as she

Hearing her very first cry, the mother remarked, was breathtaking. “I became aware of the sizable black mark on our child’s left side of her face when the nurse raised her after my C-section.”

“She looked beautiful, but I noticed a mark on her, and I worried that it was a result of anything I had done to her when I was pregnant.”

She said, “Doctors said it was just a birthmark, and she was breathing and healthy.”

As Mrs. Jackson held her 7lb 1oz newborn in her arms, she started to worry about what other people would think of the mark.

She said, “I worried that people would only see our sweet newborn daughter for her birthmark, rather than the beautiful person I knew she would grow up to be. I felt charmed by her.”

At that time, I decided that we would love her without condition and give her all the confidence in the world so she could realize how beautiful she is and how she is capable of doing anything she sets her mind to.

While Mrs. Jackson works as an autopsy technician, Mr. Jackson, who was born in Hull before migrating to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with his wife, works for a software business.

The couple’s older children are Devin, who is four years old, and Elliott, who is seven. The children gave their baby sister a superhero alias after they first got to know her.

“What’s that on her face, mummy? one of the boys said. Mrs. Jackson said. “What is the black mark exactly?” He was told by me that she was wearing her superhero costume. I reassured them that she was still capable of doing anything as a result.

People frequently compliment her beauty and praise her birthmark, and we couldn’t agree more.

The family stated, “We’ll always remind her it’s a part of who she is and who she’s destined to be.” She has a birthmark that makes her special, and people will always remember how beautiful she is both outside and inside.

A week after Natalie was born, her parents brought her to an ophthalmologist, who specializes in the diagnosis of eye conditions.

They sent her to a dermatologist, a skin specialist, and had her get an MRI to make sure the birthmark wasn’t obstructing her vision.

As Natalie gets older, the abnormality will cause her a variety of health issues, but strangely, her parents have decided against having the black spot removed.

Natalie’s parents seem unfazed as curious onlookers gaze the toddler in the street.

They think she should embrace her birthmark in the belief that it will make her a stronger person because “being different is beautiful” and that “being different is wonderful.”

“The dermatologist told us it was a birthmark, but because it would continue to expand, it would always cover a significant portion of her face,” according to Mrs. Jackson.

“Although her mark suggests she’ll be strong no matter what life throws at her, we are aware that she will experience some difficulties.”