They noticed him digging enormous ditches in the backyard and filling bags with earth.

Alex Dodman, a 36-year-old Essex native who had recently moved into a new home with his fiancée Sarah, had a vision of installing a swimming pool in his garden.

Alex began construction on the pool in 2020, purchasing the majority of the materials from Facebook. As a result, he saved thousands of dollars.

The project cost around $10,000 in total, which is significantly less than the $12,000 or more required to build a professional swimming pool.

“I did everything myself, from picking up the materials and transporting them into my garden to hiring a digger and digging the hole, as well as the tiling and plumbing,” he explained. “This entailed putting the pieces together and transporting them to his garden.”

He has already attempted initiatives on his own before.

In the past, Alex has done a variety of DIY projects, such as establishing a home theater and a gym while saving a combined 75,000 pounds; but, this most recent endeavor is by far his most spectacular yet.

After moving, Alex opened his home to his partner Sarah, a human resources manager, and their two young children, Allie and Eddie.

The man has recently been quite busy throwing everything out and beginning from scratch to renovating the house where his family lives.

Alex had always wanted to create his own swimming pool, and when he observed that an area of his backyard required some attention, he made the choice to take up the hobby of do-it-yourself (DIY) building.

The individual then made it a point to educate himself independently on everything.

It was tough to construct the swimming pool.

However, Alex greatly misjudged how tough it would be to establish a pool. “During my lunch break, I saw a YouTube video of someone installing a pool, and later that day, I was on the phone setting up the rental of a mini digger,” he added.

I had even set aside a little spot where I intended to one day build a pool as I had always envisaged myself being able to utilize one when the house had been restored.

I was convinced to take on this job myself after viewing a YouTube video of a woman creating a pool in Holland.

Covid postponed his plan for a while. However, he proceeded and eventually finished it after that. “I did everything by myself,” Alex added, “from filling up my car with all the goods and carrying them home to resurfacing the ground to make it flat.”