These Pictures Show The Worst Neighbour’s Ever

We’ve all had to deal with a noisy neighbor, but the folks in these pictures take it to another level. Could these individuals be the worst neighbors ever? Let’s find out!

This note becomes more bizarre the further you read it.

“Our neighbor had a disagreement this morning, which ended with a gunshot through our bathroom mirror.”

“Neighbor taped this to my door.”

“The neighbor’s kid decided to ‘decorate’ my car with a rock, thinking it was cute.”

Another arrow found, courtesy of our neighbor.”

“Arrow courtesy of our neighbor.”

Stealing from a self-isolating, vulnerable neighbor during tough times.

This guy’s neighbor just snaps photos of his open window. Pretty sure that’s not legal.

“My neighbor definitely has a trash issue.”

More trashy behavior from a neighbor.

“The guy across the street continually blocks our entire street with RVs that he repairs in a side business from his home.”

And yet again, the same guy across the street blocking our road with his RV repair business.

“Our duplex neighbor moved out in the dead of night. Never having seen the inside of his home, we now understand why.”

“The peculiar way my neighbor parked for a couple of hours.”

Last night, our neighbor accidentally shot a hole through our bedroom wall.”

“My neighbor’s recycling pile must be over 100 empty bottles of Captain Morgans! The recycle bin was overflowing as well. Someone’s a big fan of Captain!”