There were 14 dogs encircling a small girl. A wonderful thing happened when the girl raised her hands to the sky.

Humans’ and dogs’ brains are similar, which explains why they have been best companions for so long!

Scientists have discovered one of the explanations for this mutual understanding between the two species, which has persisted between people and dogs for more than 30,000 years: astounding brain similarities between humans and dogs have been discovered.

According to research, dogs and humans have identical brain regions for this process and respond to speech that reveals emotions in the same way.

In the movie, this is how the unusual connection between a young child and a large number of German dogs is explained. Playing with the 14 canines while the little child has a blast caused the video to go viral online.

The movie presents a different perspective than the widely held belief that these dogs are aggressive and hazardous around young children.

Returning to the study, the results suggest that dogs show affection for people for reasons similar to those we do, such as social comfort or interpersonal bonds, rather than only because they want us to feed them.

Previous research by American scientists at Emory University in Atlanta, USA, has shown that humans and dogs share a brain area connected to joyful feelings.

This study does confirm what dog owners have long felt to be true intuitively: that their canine pets experience love and devotion.