Their lives have never been the same since they viewed the wedding photographs.

The story of Emma and her husband’s relationship is presented here. They discovered that their lives will never be the same again after looking over the wedding photos.

33-year-old Emma recently got married to her longtime partner, Justin Cotillard. The newlyweds were anticipating their approaching honeymoon with great excitement and big preparations.

The unpleasant truth is that their objectives will quickly turn into nightmares and their lives will irreversibly change.

One morning, Justin started cursing and yelling at Emma before telling her to leave his house. Later, he expressed regret for his actions.

Emma had a very emotional response to her husband’s conduct while she was seven months pregnant because the pregnancy was making her pretty emotional.

However, this was only the beginning; following this, things swiftly grew much worse.

“He didn’t remember that I was pregnant and expecting our first kid together.” He seems to have mistaken her for a stranger, according to Emma.

Justin was only 29 years old, but given the circumstances, the severity of his symptoms far outstripped his age. The newlyweds had to make the difficult choice to cancel their honeymoon and head straight for the hospital.

Justin has a severely cancerous tumor on his brain, which was discovered after a thorough checkup. His doctors advised him that his prognosis is bad and that he only has a little time left to live—no more than two years.

The young couple was shocked by the information, but they knew they had to remain calm and cooperate if they wanted Justin to have a relationship with his child.

Justin started his therapy on the day Emma gave birth to their daughter Mia, thus he was unable to be with his wife. But when cancer advanced quickly, all of their aspirations and plans fell apart in front of them. ” According to the physicians, my spouse would only have two weeks left to live at home before passing away.”

After 12 days, Justin went away, leaving behind a wife who had lost her husband and a young girl who would have to grow up without a parent.

Nobody was able to stop the tumor from developing as everything came to an abrupt end.

“If you look at the wedding photos, you’ll notice that the right half of his face is a little lower,” Emma stated.

Emma decided to share her experience in the hopes that it may encourage others to get checked out right away if they encounter any symptoms that even slightly mimic cancer.

Everyone can learn something from the tragedy that befell Emma; if the tumor is found early on, lives can be prolonged and saved.

To ensure that as many people as possible hear Emma’s message, please spread the word about such articles as widely as you can. Every life matters, and perhaps this story will help someone in the future save another life.