The Young Stars Taking the Fashion World by Storm

This six-year-old model has been dubbed the new 'most beautiful girl in the world'

We live in an age where social media has the power to make anyone a star, even at a young age. And that’s exactly what has happened to six-year-old Russian model, Anastasia Knyazeva. With an impressive following of 500,000 fans on Instagram, this little beauty is making waves in the fashion industry.

A Rising Star
Anastasia has already caught the attention of big brands and ad campaigns. She even became the face of Little Miss Aoki, a luxury couture fashion line. Represented by President Kids Management and with a deal under her belt with Russian brand Chobi Kids, this young talent is going places.

Capturing Hearts
Fans can’t get enough of Anastasia’s stunning looks, flooding her Instagram comments with adoring words. Many have compared her to French beauty Thylane Blondeau, who burst onto the fashion scene at a young age. But one thing is for sure, Anastasia has her unique allure that captivates anyone who sets eyes on her.

A Controversial Path
Thylane Blondeau’s journey as a young model serves as a reminder of the controversy surrounding child models. When Thylane posed in a low-cut dress, stilettos, and full makeup for Vogue Paris at the age of 10, it sparked outrage and accusations of “sexualising children”. Despite the backlash, Thylane’s career continued to flourish, earning her the title of the “new Kate Moss”.

Looking Ahead
As Anastasia and Thylane blaze their respective trails, it’s clear that they have what it takes to become the next big superstars in the fashion world. With their stunning looks and early success, both young models are proving that age is just a number when it comes to talent and beauty.

So keep an eye out for these rising stars, as they are sure to make their mark in the industry. You never know, Anastasia and Thylane may just be the faces that define a new generation of supermodels.