The sad news were shared by Al Roker’s daughter.

Al Roker and his family have gone through a terrible few weeks due to the celebrity’s hospitalization for blood clots that have traveled to his lungs. His family has been by his side during this adventure.

According to reports on Wednesday, the well-liked celebrity was able to return to his house for the Thanksgiving holiday, but he had to be rushed back to the hospital the next day in an ambulance.

Following the publication of her father’s news by Page Six and other media outlets, Al’s youngest daughter, Leila, took to Instagram to provide an emotional update on events over the previous month.

“November photo dump – the parts of this month that were genuinely nice,” she captioned a collection of happy photos. She was pictured with Al, her mother, Deborah Roberts, her brother Nick, and her sister Courtney in one of the photos.

The beloved Today show presenter has been absent from the show for several weeks owing to health difficulties; however, he returned home on Thursday, November 24, just in time to celebrate the holidays with his loved ones.

He was returned to the hospital via ambulance less than 24 hours after being discharged, according to Page Six. Regardless, he did not return to his hosting responsibilities and will not return the following week either.

Deborah, Al’s wife, allegedly followed her husband’s ambulance back to the hospital from their Upper East Side apartment.

Despite the fact that Al maintains his Instagram page fresh by providing daily life updates to his followers, his most recent post was almost a week ago.

Deborah posted an update on Facebook, along with a photo of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree being lit on TV, shot from what appeared to be a hospital room.