The onlooker was shocked by what he saw on the lawn.

Pedro Bras published the photo of the firefighters from Pedróg Grande, Portugal, on Facebook so that others might see it.

Everyone believes that being a firefighter is a serious and crucial job. The snapshot posted by firefighter Pedro Bras demonstrated how seriously the firefighters take their jobs.

There is an urgent need for firefighters in the Portuguese region combating a forest fire. Currently, 1,150 firefighters are working around the clock to put out the fire and keep it from spreading.

As a result of the fire, 25 individuals have been injured this year, and numerous regions have been damaged. Two devastating fires that ravaged Portugal in June and October of the previous year killed 114 people.

This image shows firemen who, although being exhausted from their heroic efforts, continued to work in dangerous conditions.

Pedro shared a snapshot of several of the firefighters taking a break and relaxing after putting out a major fire in Pedróg Grande.

“After working all day and night, we decided to take a quarter-hour break and relax by the river; at that time, we observed that the air was filled with smoke.”

According to Pedro, the firefighters took a 25-minute break to relax by a river after working constantly for 24 hours. He stated that at this point, the firefighters had taken a break. The photo depicted the smoke-filled surroundings vividly.

On August 5, the temperature reached an all-time high of roughly 116 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to the 13 planes that dumped water on the fire, a number of additional firemen agreed to assist in the fight.

According to AWM, 160 soldiers were called into action to assist with the evacuation efforts.

Before quickly going viral, the shot received over 9,000 likes, 1,300 comments, and over 5,900 shares. A huge number of people expressed amazement at the firefighters’ efforts.

Manja Knofel asserted that every firefighter in the world is a hero in their own right. Another user, Sweetie Racch from Paris, stated that they deserved “rest and credit” for the amazing work they had performed.

According to Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa, the firefighters have done everything possible. Several of them have died as a result of their injuries.

The police had hoped that the previous year’s incident would not repeat itself this year.