The Mysterious Invention of the 1950s

Have you ever stumbled upon an old object and found yourself pondering its purpose? Well, there’s one peculiar invention from the 1950s that continues to stump almost everyone, including those from that era. This well-known device, which was used in businesses and some homes, seems to have faded from our collective memory.

Wave Machine

At first glance, this mysterious invention appears to be some kind of electrical gadget. And you’re not far off the mark! This machine, called a wave machine, was actually designed to give people permanent hair curls. The round component on top is where the magic happens, with connected cords and small items attached to them.

Marjorie Joyner, the owner of a beauty salon in Chicago, held the patent for this unique contraption. She aimed to simplify and expedite the process of giving perms. Unfortunately, the wave machine had its flaws. If left on for too long, it could tangle or even singe the hair, resulting in a rather unwelcomed experience.

Isn’t it fascinating how certain inventions can fade into obscurity over time? Even though this device was widely used in its heyday, it has since vanished from our collective memory. Surprisingly, only about 1 in 10,000 people today can accurately recall what it was used for.

If you’re curious to see this intriguing 1950s invention in action, take a moment to watch this video:

Let’s not forget that history is full of countless other inventions that have come and gone. Some have become indispensable parts of our daily lives, while others patiently await rediscovery by inquisitive minds. So, can you recall what this once-popular 1950s invention was used for? Delving into the forgotten gems of the past is always an intriguing journey.