The McCaughey Septuplets: Celebrating 21 Years

The McCaughey septuplets, who made headlines when they were born in 1997, are now turning 21! It’s an incredible milestone for these seven siblings, who were the first septuplets to survive. From their early days in Iowa to now forging their own paths as adults, let’s take a look at their journey.

A Journey of Independence and Accomplishment

Kelsey McCaughey, the fourth-oldest sibling, reflects on how they have grown over the years. “We’re all becoming tremendously independent,” she says. Each of the septuplets has found their own abilities and skill sets. It’s truly something worth celebrating.

From Historical Birth to Individuality

When Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey’s children were delivered prematurely in Des Moines, Iowa, they made history as the first surviving septuplets. Now, these remarkable individuals are embracing their individuality. While they still maintain a close bond, they also enjoy spending time with friends, trying new activities, and exploring new interests.

Low-key Celebrations and Bright Futures

Instead of extravagant parties, the septuplets have opted for more intimate celebrations. They are taking a nice trip home to commemorate their 21st birthday. Bobbi jokingly remarks, “We won’t go overboard, even though we legally could!” It’s a reflection of their grounded nature and appreciation for simplicity.

Academic Pursuits

All of the McCaughey septuplets were granted scholarships to attend Hannibal-LaGrange University in Missouri. Currently, Kelsey, Natalie, Nathan, Joel, and Alexis are enrolled in various majors. From computer information systems to public relations, exercise science, and early childhood education, these young adults are determined to build successful futures.

Navigating New Horizons

Moving away for college was a significant transition for the septuplets. “It was certainly a culture shock,” admits Kelsey. Having spent their entire upbringing in Iowa, leaving their familiar surroundings was challenging. However, they welcomed the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and broaden their horizons.

Embracing Change and Family Bond

While the siblings pursue diverse paths, they still find ways to come together as a family. Kenny Jr. remains in the family home, attending a construction trades vocational school, while Brandon serves abroad in the U.S. Army. The dynamics may have changed, but the bond remains strong.

Changes in the McCaughey Household

Bobbi shares that the family home is now quieter. They no longer deal with the same issues as before, allowing for more quality time together. However, Bobbi also recognizes the nostalgia of having everyone under one roof. The anticipation of their homecoming is something they eagerly look forward to.

From Fame to Focus on Family

Over time, the McCaugheys’ media presence has diminished. Bobbi and Kenny Sr. commented that they still get recognized occasionally, but it’s rare for people to recognize the septuplets. The focus has shifted to their personal lives and accomplishments.

Giving Back to the Community

The McCaugheys’ generosity and faith are evident in their recent decision to sell their seven-bedroom home and downsize. They have chosen to support Ruth Harbor, a Christian group helping pregnant women. It’s a testament to their values and a wonderful opportunity for their family.

Celebration of New Beginnings

The eldest sibling, Mikayla, is now a proud parent to one-year-old Becham. Mikayla was the first of the septuplets to marry, marking another milestone in the McCaughey family’s journey. Bobbi and Kenny Sr. cherish their time as grandparents, enjoying the special moments with their grandson.

Embracing Adulthood

As the septuplets continue to grow and embrace adulthood, they experience other significant milestones. Natalie and Brandon, for instance, are engaged to be married. Natalie has already set a wedding date with Shawn Geralds for May 2019, while Brandon plans to marry his fiancée Alana Hale after returning from deployment.

A Thanksgiving Reunion and Birthday Celebrations

As this extraordinary family gathers to celebrate Thanksgiving, they will also have the opportunity to mark the septuplets’ 21st birthdays. A large birthday cake awaits, representing both the gratitude felt on this special holiday and the joy of reaching adulthood.

In an interview, Natalie proudly claims her sister as her best friend, highlighting the strong connections and relationships that bind them all together. The McCaughey septuplets have come a long way, and their story continues to inspire and touch our hearts.