The Controversial Calvin Klein Advertisement: Brooke Shields Speaks Out

Brooke Shields reflects on her Barbara Walters interview from 1980 and says, “It’s practically criminal.”

Brooke Shields, the stunning actress and model, has opened up about her infamous Calvin Klein advertisement from the 1980s. At just 15 years old, her provocative “Want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing” slogan caused a major uproar.

The controversy surrounding the advertisement was so intense that it was even banned in some countries. Looking back, Brooke admits that she was young and didn’t fully comprehend the sexual nature of the commercial. This lack of understanding made certain interviews, like the one she had with journalist Barbara Walters, perplexing and upsetting.

Reflecting on the experience during her guest appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast, Brooke discussed how the media tends to oversexualize young actors and models, using her own modeling career as a prime example. She also expressed her frustration with the interview she had with Barbara Walters, labeling it as “practically criminal” and “not journalism.”

According to Brooke, Barbara asked her inappropriate questions about her measurements and even inquired about any secrets she may have been hiding from her mother. It’s important to remember that Brooke was just a fifteen-year-old girl at the time.

In a recent interview with Vogue, Brooke revealed the negative feedback she and her mother received because of the controversial campaign. She shared that she would often be hounded by paparazzi, who would scold her and her mother for the advertisement. To Brooke, it all seemed absurd.

Contrary to how the campaign was received, Brooke explains that she never interpreted her slogan as having any sexual connotations. She was completely oblivious to it and believed it was all just about jeans and not anything suggestive. “I was gullible,” she admits. “I was assumed to be much more intelligent than I actually was. I was a virgin at the time and remained so forever.”

Despite the backlash and negative press, the Calvin Klein advertisement inadvertently went viral. The controversy actually backfired, making underwear more popular than ever before. Calvin Klein proved they knew how to push the limits, setting the stage for decades to come.

Calvin Klein has always been known for their provocative and boundary-pushing advertising strategies. Over the years, their name has become synonymous with both fame and notoriety. And it’s no surprise, considering their willingness to take risks and their disregard for negative reviews.

Brooke Shields is well aware of the brand’s controversial past. And despite years of criticism, Calvin Klein remains unafraid to stir the pot and keep the public’s attention.