The Competitive Side of Princess Diana as a Mom

Princess Diana, the late mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, was not only known for her devotion and love towards her sons, but also for her fierce and competitive spirit. A recently surfaced video, posted just before Mother’s Day, captures Diana’s competitive side as a mom.

The video shows Princess Diana participating in a race on field day at Wetherby School, a boys’ school in London where both William and Harry were students. Running barefoot and looking fashionable in a skirt and blazer, Diana can be seen sprinting towards the finish line. This footage was from the Sports Day event at Wetherby in 1991, during which Prince Harry, now 35 and a father himself, was a student at the school.

Despite her royal status, Diana never shied away from getting involved in her sons’ activities and creating special bonds with them. Both Harry and William have continued to remember their mom fondly in the years after her death. Reflecting on their relationship with Diana, Harry once said, “She was our mum. She still is our mum. And of course, as a son, I would say this, she was the best mom in the world.” He described Diana as “one of the naughtiest parents” who showered them with love.

Prince William also shared his memories of Diana, highlighting her informal and fun-loving nature. “She was very informal and really enjoyed the laughter and the fun,” he said. “But she understood that there was a real life outside of palace walls.” Diana’s ability to balance her royal duties with creating a loving and joyful environment for her sons left a lasting impact on them.

Princess Diana will always be remembered not only as a beloved princess, but also as a devoted and competitive mother who cherished her time with her sons. Her legacy lives on through the love and memories shared by William and Harry.