The Amazing Rise of the Olsen Sisters

Mary-Kate Olsen says she and her twin sister felt like 'little monkey performers' – they quit acting entirely

The Olsen sisters, Marry-Kate and Ashley, took Hollywood by storm during the 90s with their adorable portrayal of Michelle Tanner on the TV sitcom Full House. Born identical twins, the producers originally had a different set of twins in mind for the role. However, one look at Marry-Kate and Ashley convinced them otherwise. And so, the girls became the beloved faces of Michelle Tanner.

Growing up under the spotlight wasn’t easy for the sisters. Their success on Full House led to them starting their own company at just 6 years old. By the time they were 10, they were already on the list of the youngest self-made millionaires in history. But as their fame grew, so did the challenges they faced.

The year Full House ended also marked the end of their parents’ marriage. This took a toll on the girls, and they sought solace in their work. Privately, they were known to be shy. In school, they were placed in separate classrooms to encourage independence and self-reliance. Looking back, Mary-Kate expressed how their upbringing felt like they were “little monkey performers” in front of the cameras, and she wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

Throughout their careers, the Olsen sisters acted in over 30 movies and ventured into music, books, and fashion. However, their last movie together, New York Minute, received mixed reviews from critics. It was after this movie that the sisters decided to step away from acting and focus on their careers as fashion designers.

Today, Mary-Kate and Ashley run two successful clothing brands, Elizabeth and James and The Row. They believe in hard work and perfection, which has been ingrained in them from a young age. Their dedication and talent have made their brands sought-after worldwide.

While the sisters keep a low profile when it comes to their personal lives, there have been rumors and speculation. Mary-Kate was rumored to have been dating the late actor Heath Ledger back in 2008 but never confirmed it herself. On the other hand, Ashley married artist Louis Eisner, and their sister Elizabeth is making a name for herself as an actress. The bond between the Olsen sisters remains unbreakable.

“Our bond is beyond words,” Ashley once said. “I know when she’s hurting, I know when she’s going through something,” she added. Through thick and thin, the Olsen sisters continue to support and be there for each other. With their incredible journey and unbreakable bond, we can only wish them the best in the years to come.