Swimming Safety Tips for Parents: Don’t Wrap Your Child in a Towel

As parents, we want to prioritize our children’s safety, especially when it comes to activities like swimming. But did you know that there’s one common mistake many parents make without even realizing it? A swimming instructor is warning parents not to put towels around their kids’ shoulders after swimming, as it can actually be dangerous.

The Importance of Pool Safety

Learning to swim is often at the top of every parent’s list, and rightly so. However, there are other aspects of pool safety that we may overlook. While most of us focus on the risks that occur in the water, we may not be aware of the dangers waiting outside the pool.

Nikki Scarnati, a certified swimming teacher, has been sharing valuable tips on pool safety through her TikTok videos (@scarnati.swim). She emphasizes the importance of creating a secure environment for children to swim and offers practical advice for parents to implement at home.

The Hidden Danger of Towels

One of the biggest risks that parents unknowingly expose their children to is wrapping them in towels after they exit the pool. It’s only natural for kids to feel chilly and shiver after swimming, and our immediate reaction is to keep them warm by wrapping them in a towel. However, this seemingly innocent act can actually put them in danger.

Nikki created a TikTok video to illustrate this issue. She contrasts the way parents typically wrap their kids in towels with what their natural instincts should be. By wrapping the towel over their shoulders and arms, children are at risk of drowning if they were to accidentally fall into the water.

The Proper Way to Wrap Your Child in a Towel

To ensure your child’s safety, Nikki demonstrates the correct way to wrap them in a towel. In her video, she instructs parents to place the towel underneath their child’s arms, allowing their arms to remain free. By doing this, children have the ability to use their arms to swim to safety if they were to end up in the water.

Nikki’s tip promotes self-rescue and provides an extra layer of protection for your child. It’s vital to let their limbs remain accessible in case of emergencies.

More Tips from Nikki

In response to questions and comments on her TikTok video, Nikki offers additional advice. If your child tends to move the towel to cover their shoulders for warmth, Nikki suggests wrapping it and tucking it in the back so they can still move freely. Alternatively, you can consider using a different style of towel or a Terry cloth robe.

It’s also worth noting that wrapping the towel beneath the child’s arms has an added benefit. In case your child trips, they can use their arms to catch themselves and avoid hitting the ground.

Many parents who watched Nikki’s video applauded her for the helpful tip and expressed their gratitude for raising awareness about this important pool safety issue. By being aware of this simple mistake, we can ensure better protection for our children while they enjoy their swimming experience.

Remember, a little extra caution can go a long way in keeping our kids safe. So, let’s make sure we don’t wrap our children in towels and instead wrap them with love and proper pool safety precautions!