Stranger in my House: An Unsettling Discovery

Stranger in my House: An Unsettling Discovery

Imagine returning home from a relaxing vacation, only to find that your house has been cleaned and tidied up. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, for one homeowner in Hattiesburg, it turned out to be a bizarre and unsettling experience.

A Chance Encounter

It all started when a homeless man named Robert Otis stumbled upon an empty house on Adeline Street. Little did he know that this abandoned property would become his temporary refuge.

The Shocking Return

The homeowner, who wishes to remain anonymous, had been away for a week when he walked back into his house expecting the usual post-vacation mess. However, what he found instead was a perfectly clean and organized living space.

An Unexpected Guest

Upon entering his home, the homeowner immediately noticed that something was amiss. There was food in the fridge that he didn’t remember buying, and someone had even taken the time to fold their laundry on the living room chair. Bewildered, he went outside to investigate further.

Confrontation and Confusion

To his surprise, he discovered Robert Otis cleaning the area around his pool. When asked who he was, Otis claimed to work for the pool company. But here’s the catch – the homeowner had never hired a pool service.

The Aftermath

Fearing for his safety, the homeowner grabbed his handgun and held Otis until the Hattiesburg police arrived. Otis was subsequently taken into custody and charged with residential burglary.

Unsettling Discoveries

As the investigation unfolded, the homeowner learned that Otis had not only eaten his food but had also cleaned his two refrigerators, swept and mopped the floors, and even wiped down the stovetop. Otis had made himself completely at home, taking showers, doing laundry, and even sleeping in the homeowner’s bed.

A Homeless Man’s Desperation

It’s a strange and unsettling situation, indeed. One can only imagine the desperation and weariness that led Robert Otis to take matters into his own hands and seek shelter in someone else’s home. While this doesn’t justify his actions, it does offer a glimpse into the complexities of homelessness.

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