Stephen “tWitch” Boss allegedly had severe issues

One idea holds that Stephen “tWitch” Boss had a severe problem before he died.

Authorities have since established that tWitch died due to a headshot on Tuesday. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, at 11:20 a.m. local time, a call for an “ambulance fatality investigation” was issued.

The results of his formal autopsy were made public a day after he was discovered inside his room’s bathroom by staff at the Oak Tree Inn in Encino, California.

A suicide note written by tWitch was also found in the limited luggage he checked in with.

Despite the situation being addressed, “Stomp the Yard” actor Columbus Short made headlines when he revealed an opinion about tWitch’s death.

Boss’ former co-star alleged in a video uploaded on Twitter that the late DJ had likely spent all of his life savings on something.

According to Short, this is only a hypothesis; people invest and do various things. “What if your investment required your entire life savings? The going gets tough.”

People don’t always understand what others are going through, he said. Despite the world losing tWitch, the 40-year-old actor believes the late DJ from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” will be remembered.

When Short’s close friend expressed his concerns about Boss’ death, he rejected the claims.

Short’s illogical argument, according to the source, “has no veracity.”

The suicide note in his bag allegedly contained vague references to the problems he was experiencing. According to detectives, the “So You Think You Can Dance” alum wasn’t in financial distress, despite what tWitch stated.

On the other hand, those who last saw him saw no cause for concern. The staff at the motel stated that when he came, they were unaware of any indications that he was in trouble.

Eddy, tWitch’s grandfather, expressed a similar sentiment in his final words to him.

“He remained the same upbeat person he had always been. We had no cause to suppose anything was out of the ordinary,” the 84-year-old. “He was a very wonderful and modest man. He brightened everyone’s day.”