Space Puns That Are Out of This World

Blast off into hilarity with the funniest space jokes in all the cosmos.
Puns are scientifically proven to make you laugh…or at least that’s our theory. Whether you’re a chemist, a biologist, a physicist, or you haven’t studied science since high school, we can all agree that the perfectly crafted science jokes can be out of this world—and when it comes to space puns, in particular, we mean that quite literally!

Sometimes, all it takes to cure those midday blues is a good pun. After all, laughter is the best medicine, which is why a sample of biology jokes or a mix of chemistry jokes may be the solution you need for a quick laugh. But, if you’re into outer space or have always secretly wanted to become an astronaut or go to Space Camp, then this list of witty space puns and jokes will be more in your orbit. Test out our theory for yourself and see if the following space puns make you laugh out loud. This is one experiment sure to yield favorable results. Blasting off in 3, 2, 1…

Star puns

  1. What do starlets like to read before bed?

Comet books!

  1. How do you get clean in outer space?

You take a meteor shower.

  1. What do stars say when they apologize to one another?

“I’m starry.”

  1. What is money called in space?

Star bucks.

  1. What do you say if you want to start a fight in space?

“Comet me, bro!”

  1. Why couldn’t the star stay focused?

He kept spacing out.

  1. Which type of stars always wear glasses in space?

Movie stars.

  1. What do you win in a space talent competition?

A constellation prize.

  1. You’re always star-ring up trouble.
  2. Why did the star decide to take a vacation?

It needed some space.