Son Grows Out His Hair to Make a Wig for His Mother Battling Cancer

Melanie Shaha, a resident of Gilbert, Arizona, received devastating news in 2003 – she had a benign brain tumor called a pituitary tumor. Along with other symptoms, the tumor’s impact on the gland near the base of her brain caused her to experience dull headaches. Tragically, as a result of the tumor, Melanie began to lose her hair, leaving her feeling vulnerable and exposed.

But in the face of adversity, her son, Matt, stepped up in an extraordinary way. He decided to grow out his own hair in order to make a wig for his mother. This selfless act of love was aimed at helping Melanie regain her confidence and feel better about her appearance.

Losing her hair was a difficult experience for Melanie. Despite undergoing three surgeries to remove the tumor from her body in 2006, 2017, and 2018, she still suffered from the unfortunate side effect of hair loss due to radiation treatment. Without her hair, Melanie felt uncomfortable being the center of attention and found it challenging to blend in with others in public. Simple tasks like shopping and finding things to eat became difficult.

However, Matt’s gesture of growing out his hair brought a glimmer of hope. His hair had been short when he graduated from university, and that’s when he decided to embark on this incredible journey. Matt realized that he had the freedom to grow his hair and offer it to his mother to make a wig. Despite Melanie’s initial resistance, Matt persisted, and by March 21st, he had grown 12 inches of hair.

The moment of truth arrived when Matt gathered his coworkers to help him cut off his long locks and create the wig. When Melanie saw the final result, she couldn’t hold back her emotions. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she witnessed this beautiful exchange between her son and herself.

The hair was then sent to Compassionate Creations in Newport Beach, California, where it was transformed into a hand-tied wig. Melanie received the wig in June, and she was thrilled with the outcome. The wig was beautifully colored, expertly cut, and styled to perfection. Melanie felt that it looked great on her, and Matt agreed wholeheartedly.

This act of love and sacrifice serves as a constant reminder to Melanie of how much Matt loves her. It is a testament to the impact that small acts of kindness can have on people’s lives. The co-founder of Compassionate Creations, Veronica Balch, was inspired by the family’s story and found it remarkable that someone would shave their head for a family member.

Melanie’s wig not only enhances her physical appearance but also lifts her spirits during this challenging time. It shows the power of love and how it can provide strength and comfort in the face of adversity. Matt’s selflessness has touched the hearts of many and serves as an inspiration to us all. With acts like this, we can make the world a better place, one wig at a time.