Somer Smith’s Audition on The Voice: Australia

Somer Smith, a 19-year-old singer, experienced a rollercoaster of emotions when she found out that she had been selected to compete in The Voice: Australia blind auditions. Previously, she had only performed in front of her family. However, now she was about to showcase her talent on national television, in front of famous judges Delta Goodrem, Joe Jonas, Kelly Rowland, and Boy George.

Despite the fear that gripped her, Somer was determined to push through and pursue her passion. Her only wish was to impress the judges and turn one of their chairs during her pre-audition interview. For her audition, she chose an old Gospel song composed in 1905, “His Eye Is on the Sparrow.”

As Somer stepped onto the stage, her anxiety was evident. The judges could sense her nervousness as she took a few moments to compose herself. Although she started off timidly, Somer’s voice quickly gained strength and confidence.

The first to recognize Somer’s powerful and talented voice was Coach Delta Goodrem, who pressed the button to turn her chair. Kelly Rowland and Boy George swiftly followed suit, their chairs turning to face Somer. Joe Jonas wasn’t far behind, completing the quartet of judges who turned their chairs for her.

Somer’s deep and commanding voice resonated throughout the room, captivating the audience. They couldn’t help but applaud her as she poured her heart and soul into her performance. The judges observed in awe as this young girl gave her all, leaving nothing behind.

When Somer finished singing, she received a standing ovation from both the audience and all four judges. Each judge had nothing but wonderful things to say and engaged in playful banter, hoping to convince Somer to join their team.

Delta, impressed with what she had witnessed, said to Somer, “We’ve just discovered a star in you.”

Joe Jonas, who was thoroughly impressed by Somer’s tone and forceful delivery, added, “Your voice is the reason I joined this show. You had a lovely tone right away, and it was quite forceful.”

The crowd erupted in applause, fully agreeing with the judges’ comments. Somer had initially hoped for just one judge to turn their chair for her, but to her surprise, all four had done so. Now, she had the challenging task of making a choice. In the end, Somer decided to join Team Kelly.

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