Sofia Vergara Shares Her Healing Journey after “Major Knee Surgery”

Sofia Vergara Reveals She's Recovering from "Major Knee Surgery"

Sofia Vergara, the beloved judge of America’s Got Talent, is going through a healing process after undergoing a major knee surgery. On her Instagram stories, she recently shared a glimpse of her recovery and the support she receives from her new beau, orthopedic surgeon Justin Saliman.

In the snapshot, we see Justin wearing scrubs and sporting a big smile as he takes care of Sofia. It’s heartwarming to see her in good hands during this time of healing.

Sofia captioned the post, “If you ever get a major knee surgery, make sure you get a handsome doctor who will sleep with you that night…! Love you,” tagging Saliman. Her lighthearted comment shows her positive outlook and sense of humor.

The next day on her Instagram story, Sofia shared a clip of fellow AGT Judge Howie Mandel jokingly giving her a pogo stick. It’s wonderful to see her surrounded by support and laughter as she recovers.

Even in her recovery, Sofia finds joy in the simple moments of life. In a recent post, her new puppy is seen in the arms of her friend, Margarita Heilbron, while checking on Sofia, who is resting on the couch with her knee bandaged and elevated. Sofia’s caption, translated from Spanish, reads, “With my favorite nurse 😄❤️ @margieheilbron.” It’s heartwarming to witness the bond of friendship and the love Sofia receives during her recovery.

Sofia’s love for dogs is well-known, and her 32-year-old son, Manolo, also shares that love. He recently posted a video of himself singing “That’s Amore” to their black and white Chihuahua. Their furry companions bring them joy and laughter in their everyday lives.

Baguette, the Chihuahua, has gained quite a following on Instagram, with over 35k followers. She even has her own line of doggy accessories. Manolo jokingly shared that taking care of Baguette is his day job and that she runs the show. Their bond is evident, and it’s heartwarming to see the love they share for their furry friends.

Manolo also shared the story of how he knew Baguette was the perfect dog for him. He adopted her five years ago from a shelter when she fell asleep on him. It was an instant connection, and they have been inseparable ever since.

In 2020, Baguette’s influence even led to the launch of a canine apparel brand called Canini, which is sold at Walmart. Sofia expressed her pride in her son’s business-oriented work ethic. She admires his passion for dogs and his entrepreneurial spirit, which he shares with her. The clothes from Canini are fantastic, and Sofia is excited to see what the future holds for this venture.

Sofia Vergara’s healing journey after her major knee surgery is filled with love, support, and joy. She is surrounded by caring friends and family who bring laughter and comfort during her recovery. Sofia’s connection with her dogs, especially Baguette, brings her happiness every day. It’s heartwarming to see her share this journey with her fans and inspire others along the way.

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