Sofia Vergara: Open to Having Fun, Ready for a Partner

Sofia Vergara, the popular actress known for her roles in “Modern Family” and “Griselda,” is back in the dating scene after her separation from Joe Manganiello. In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, she shared that she’s open to having fun and meeting new people.

Unlike many people nowadays, Sofia prefers the traditional way of dating and hasn’t tried any dating apps. She admits that she’s not good with technology and is afraid of clicking on the wrong ones. But even without dating apps, she’s optimistic about finding love again. It has only been six months since her separation, and she’s ready to embark on a new romantic journey.

Sofia also loves embracing her Latin roots, despite spending more time in the United States than in her native country, Colombia. She works out with Latin music and her car is always playing Latin tunes. Her closest friends are either her cousins or the people she met in kindergarten.

When asked about her desire to find a partner, Sofia clarified, “No, I don’t need a husband, I want one. It doesn’t have to be a husband, it can be a partner.” She believes that companionship is important and is ready to find someone special to share her life with.

In the interview, Sofia also discussed her separation from Joe Manganiello. The couple had different views on starting a family, as Joe wanted kids while Sofia didn’t. She explained that the age difference played a role in their decision, as she didn’t want to be a grandmother when their child turned ten.

Sofia is a devoted mother to her 32-year-old son, Manolo, and understands the sacrifices required to be a good parent. While her career is essential to her, becoming a grandmother is a different story. At 51 years old, she is ready to have fun with her future grandchild and then hand them back to their parents.

Sofia and Joe announced their divorce last year, expressing their love and care for each other. They requested privacy as they navigate this new phase of their lives. Since their breakup, Joe has been linked to actress Caitlin O’Connor, while Sofia has been seen with orthopedic physician Justin Saliman.

In conclusion, Sofia Vergara is embracing the dating scene again with an open mind and heart. She’s ready for a partner who will bring fun and companionship into her life. Despite her fame and success, Sofia values her Latin heritage and cherishes her family and friends. She may not need a husband, but she’s excited about the possibility of finding love once again.