Simon Cowell’s Health is “Fantastic” despite Pausing Britain’s Got Talent Shoot

Simon Cowell, the 64-year-old talent judge, has been the subject of recent rumors regarding his health. However, a source close to him has revealed that he is actually in “fantastic health” and is continuing to work.

Two weeks ago, Cowell left filming for Britain’s Got Talent early at 9 p.m. due to a migraine. He missed around 15 minutes of filming and the final two auditions of the day.

According to a source, Cowell returned to filming the next morning and has been working the rest of the week. He has also started filming in Manchester today.

The source explained that Cowell occasionally gets migraines from being under the bright filming lights for extended periods. However, his tinted glasses help alleviate the symptoms. Unfortunately, despite wearing the glasses, Cowell has been prone to migraines as the filming lights are particularly bright.

Any allegations of a “mystery illness” or claims that Cowell has exited the show are simply false and exaggerated. The insider confirmed that Cowell is in fantastic health, better than ever, and is dedicated to staying fit. He engages in activities like biking and walking daily and has even started reformer Pilates to strengthen his back. In fact, his friends are encouraging him to launch his own range of light-filtering glasses to help others.

Cowell himself addressed the concerns about his health on Instagram. He posted a photo of himself wearing his signature orange-tinted glasses and compared his appearance to that of a fly’s eyes. He clarified that he missed two auditions two weeks ago due to migraines, but he is looking forward to filming BGT in Manchester next week. He added, “This is why I wear these glasses!”

Cowell has been wearing these glasses for several months now. He first mentioned them to reporters at the America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League red carpet event in November. He enthusiastically praised the glasses, stating that they make everything look better and eliminate all blue light on laptops and iPads. As someone who often has lights in his face during filming, these glasses have been a game-changer for him.

Simon Cowell’s health may have been a source of concern for some, but rest assured that he is in fantastic health and is fully committed to his work on Britain’s Got Talent.