Showering Frequency: A Light-Hearted Debate

Today show hosts engage in a friendly dispute over how often one should shower

In a recent segment on the Today show, long-time anchor Al Roker found himself in a lighthearted disagreement with a dermatologist’s recommendation on showering frequency. The conversation bubbled up during a discussion about how often people should wash themselves, and it certainly got the hosts talking.

Adrianna Barrionuevo Brach, the editorial director of Shop TODAY, mentioned that dermatologists suggest showering two to three times a week. However, this suggestion clashed with Al Roker’s daily shower routine. Unsurprisingly, Roker couldn’t resist expressing his disagreement.

“I don’t care what they say, I’m going to say ‘A’,” Roker declared, referring to his preference for a daily shower. As Brach explained that skincare professionals advise showering less frequently, Roker couldn’t hide his disbelief.

“The general consensus is two to three times per week, but it depends on the individual,” Brach clarified. She explained that factors such as lifestyle, skin type, age, and physical activity level should be considered when determining shower frequency.

Roker, meanwhile, argued that showering less often becomes a problem when you interact with other people. “Not if you come into contact with other people!” he quipped, passionately defending his daily shower routine.

Roker’s co-hosts, Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer, also chimed in with their viewpoints. Jones pointed out that there are, indeed, seven days in a week, suggesting that showering every day is a logical choice. Dreyer humorously commented that adults tend to have a distinct scent that necessitates more frequent showers.

However, as the discussion evolved, Jones had a change of heart. She acknowledged the validity of showering less often, as it helps preserve the skin’s natural oils and prevents dryness. “You have this natural bacteria that live all over your skin, it’s part of your microbiome, and you don’t want to compromise that because it does help to sort of protect you,” Brach explained.

Roker eventually admitted that he showers twice a day, a frequency that drew a playful response from Jones, who deemed it “too much.” The hosts then moved on to other topics, discussing how often to replace bedding, clean the dishwasher, and clean luggage.

This entertaining debate about showering frequency is not a new phenomenon on the Today show. In February, the hosts engaged in a spirited discussion about how often people should wash their clothing. As the conversation unfolded, Roker made playful facial expressions that showcased his surprise at his coworkers’ different laundry habits.

So, whether it’s showering or laundry, the hosts of the Today show certainly know how to keep the audience engaged with their lively and humorous debates. And who knows, maybe they’ll revisit the topic of showers again in the future, sparking more laughter and amusement among viewers.