Should You Save Your Childhood Trophies?

Chris Pratt sparked a lively debate recently when he raised the question of how long it’s appropriate to hold onto your childhood trophies. The “Guardians of the Galaxy” star took to Instagram to share a photo of his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, posing with her collection of childhood trophies. From “problem solving super star” to “super swimmer,” these trophies sparked an important question in Chris’s mind: “Once your kid goes through the stuff, is it okay to toss them?”

Witnessing his wife’s sentimental attachment to these meticulously organized keepsakes, Chris expressed gratitude for the effort her parents put into archiving them. He couldn’t help but feel pride for his wife’s accomplishments, even if some of the trophies were a bit humorous, like the one proclaiming her the “most improved two-year-old” in swim class. Chris playfully noted that she was the only two-year-old in that swim class, but his admiration for her remained unwavering.

Reflecting on the sentimental value behind these trophies, Chris mused about the payoff of storing them and the joy it brings Katherine as she revisits her childhood memories. He shared his hope that their own children would one day look back fondly on their own childhoods. However, he also raised important questions about the practicality of keeping all these trophies. Did they really need the “I was on a sports team trophy?” Could they be donated or repurposed? How many trophies were worth keeping?

Rachel Rosenthal, an organizing expert, weighed in on the matter, suggesting that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to keeping sentimental items like trophies. She encouraged individuals to ask themselves why they want to hold onto these items. Often, people don’t know what to do with their childhood trophies, so they end up keeping them and moving them around with each change of residence or family downsizing.

Rosenthal advised that, when faced with a large box of childhood trophies, it’s best to review them and select only the ones with true sentimental value. Finding a smaller, more manageable storage container and designating a specific place in the home for them can help keep these cherished mementos organized and accessible.

So, what did you do with your childhood trophies or other sentimental items? Did your parents keep them, or did you make the decision to part with them? Share your experiences and join the conversation