Shelter dog was always passed over because she’s shy — 188 days later her luck finally turns around

Every shelter dog dreams of finding their forever home, but it takes some longer than others. Some dogs are shy and anxious, and as a result get passed over by adopters.

That was the case for one dog, who waited 188 days to find a home, becoming one of her shelter’s longest residents — but then her luck finally turned around.

Sky, a 3-year-old dog, arrived at the Humane Society of Pinellas, in Florida, in October. She was surrendered by her owner who was experiencing homelessness, according to McClatchy News.

The shelter described Sky as “very smart, playful and cuddly,” but also said she can “be a bit shy” around humans at first. They wrote that she has anxiety and can become “easily overwhelmed” in new environments.

For these reasons, Sky struggled to find a home. After months in the shelter, she was one of their longest residents. “She has had a hard time finding a place to call home,” Humane Society of Pinellas wrote.

Sky needed a home where she would be the only dog, with a family who would take the time to make her feel welcome and secure and also provide a lot of enrichment to help her stress levels.

“She has learned so many new skills from us at HSP and now we are hoping someone out there can give her a positive home where she can flourish,” they wrote.

Thankfully, after 188 days in the shelter, Sky’s luck finally turned around: On May 4, the humane society announced that Sky had been adopted!

A photo shows Sky looking so happy to finally be going to her forever home. Her new family also has 3 kids “to play and love on.”

They wrote that her adoption fees were also waived by the BISSELL Pet Foundation during their “Empty the Shelters” event.

All shelter dogs deserve a perfect home, and we’re so glad sweet Sky finally got adopted! Please share this story if you love dogs!