She Was Meeting a Man to Finalize Their Breakup. Police Say He Killed Her and Drove Body to Mexican Cemetery

She Was Meeting a Man to Finalize Their Breakup. Police Say He Killed Her and Drove Body to Mexican Cemetery

Louie Hernandez is accused of murdering Reyna Hernandez, who had just moved in with her new boyfriend, authorities say.

An American woman, Reyna Hernandez, who was tragically found deceased and bound to a tree in a cemetery in Mexico, had gone to her boyfriend Louie’s house to finalize their breakup. She never intended it to be their last meeting. Authorities now accuse Louie Hernandez of murdering her before driving her body all the way from Washington State to Mexico.

Reyna, a 54-year-old hair salon owner from Renton, Washington, was found dead in a Mexicali, Mexico cemetery in March. This was just days after concerned friends and family had reported her missing. Based on a police statement, Louie Hernandez, 61, has been charged with first-degree murder.

According to charging documents, Reyna went to Louie’s home on February 26 to discuss their breakup. It’s during this visit that he allegedly shot her in the head. She had only recently moved in with her new boyfriend, who she had been dating for five months at the time.

Security footage played a crucial role in the investigation. On the day of Reyna’s visit, Louie was allegedly seen on camera loading a large, light-colored object into the trunk of Reyna’s vehicle. The description of the object matched the blanket Reyna was found wrapped in.

Authorities discovered her body tied by the ankle to a tree, suggesting she had been dragged there by the vehicle. Reyna’s new boyfriend told police that Louie had a history of violence towards her, including threats to kill her.

Renton police initially suspected domestic violence as the motive behind the killing. This suspicion was later confirmed by details in the charging documents, where it was stated that Louie had abused Reyna in the past and had made multiple threats to harm her.

As the case progresses, Louie is currently being detained in Mexico. U.S. authorities are working to extradite him to face justice.

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