She noticed a black lump in her daughter’s mouth and hurried out and to the hospital.

Darian Depreta took her toddler to the hospital after noticing a black patch on the top of her child’s mouth. Initially, physicians thought it was a birthmark.

She discovered a black spot on his daughter’s mouth and refused to accept it as a birthmark. A mother was terrified in a century when people had all kinds of strange ailments. The mother requested that the physicians thoroughly examine her daughter.

“I saw a smear on Bella’s mouth when we played today. I attempted to remove it to see if that would get rid of it, but it remained. I called everyone before making a 30-minute doctor’s appointment,” the mother begins her narrative on Facebook.

“When the nurse went to the doctor’s office, she tried using an ENT control stick to wipe the black area. When it refused to leave, the physicians sought advice from the girl. The mother maintains that the mark was not noticeable until long later since she routinely cleans her daughter’s lips.”

“I’ve been advised that two experts will meet with my daughter. The physicians contacted her again after she claimed that it was not a birthmark. “I explained that my child attempts to scrape the mark in her lips with her fingers and that the stain is somewhat whitish around the edges,” the mother alleges.

She discovered a black mark on his daughter’s lips. When the physicians discovered what it was, she made the entire hospital chuckle.

The black mark was determined to be produced by a piece of cardboard from a box the woman’s toddler had bit with her teeth. The woman apologized to the doctors for wasting their time after a hearty chuckle.