Selena Gomez Breaks Her Silence: “Words Matter”

After the recent interview with Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez has made a rare appearance online to address her fans and thank them for their support. In a TikTok Live, she subtly touched on the importance of the words we use when talking about others. Although she did not directly mention Hailey’s interview, Selena’s silence until now adds weight to her message.

In her live session, Selena expressed her disappointment with the vile and disgusting comments she has seen. She finds it incredibly ironic that she has just released a makeup line called Rare Beauty’s Kind Words, as this is exactly what she believes in. She emphasizes that words truly matter and hopes that her fans understand the significance of spreading kindness. Selena thanks her supporters for standing with her and asks them to continue representing the principle that words have power.

In the viral Call Her Daddy interview, Hailey Bieber discussed her current relationship with Selena Gomez and suggested that Selena had never publicly defended her against the hate from fans. However, Selena did, in fact, go on Instagram Live in October 2019 and asked her fans not to attack anyone, including Hailey. Selena herself has also faced harassment from Hailey’s fans.

Hailey clarified in the interview that there was no overlap between her relationship with Justin Bieber and his previous relationship with Selena. After their break-turned-breakup in March 2018, Justin and Hailey got back together in June 2018. Hailey explains that although there was a long history between Justin and Selena, their relationship was no longer her business. She respected their decision to close that chapter and move on.

As for her relationship with Selena, Hailey reveals that they have spoken privately. She emphasizes that there is respect and love between them. They have found peace in knowing what happened and have chosen to move forward with clarity and respect.

Selena’s decision to break her silence and speak out against hurtful words shows her commitment to promoting kindness. She encourages her fans to join her in spreading positivity and understanding. Words have the power to uplift or tear down, and it is crucial that we choose to use them wisely. Let us all remember that “Words Matter.”