Sad news regarding the adored musician Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond’s most well-known songs, such as Sweet Caroline, are considered hits. Despite touring and performing till his retirement in 2018, the celebrity also notified his fans of severe and crippling disease.

During his 50th Anniversary World Tour, the singer shocked his loving fans when he revealed he had Parkinson’s disease. It is a degenerative nervous system illness that impairs movement and has no known cure. The actor said he was “doing pretty well” despite his diagnosis.

Despite looking to be in fine shape, the singer said: “I’m feeling amazing, and I feel fairly delighted about it. It surely has its difficulties. Every day, I’m growing better. I’m just doing my best to keep up with the music.”

“I take my medication exactly as prescribed. I go to the gym to exercise. I’m in good physical shape. I’m in a good mood. I want to keep working, but I can’t travel as often as I used to. Thankfully, my wife and friends are still at my side.”

The celebrity made a rare appearance on stage at an honors ceremony in Las Vegas.

The musician told Parade that he is always jotting down musical ideas, proving that neither retirement nor illness has prevented him from performing what he does best.

He believes his voice has improved as a result of the disease.

“Oddly, I feel like I’m singing better than ever,” the singer stated. “It’s probably because I’m not singing loudly and tiring my voice while flying. As a result, it’s in wonderful shape, which surprised me.”

“I don’t cope with it,” he added of the disease’s psychological impact. “I think I’m in a state of denial. I’m in a great mood. I’ve been writing music since I was a teenager. I don’t tense up when I stand in front of a microphone. Then I let go and let everything hang out.”

“I didn’t think I’d get this far. Even though it has been a long time, I must accept it. As a result, I’ll take it.”

“I’m aware of my fortunate fortune in coming here. I’m considering creating some new songs about it. “I’m just glad to be here.”

Because Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease, early indicators may include little to no emotion on your face, according to The Mayo Clinic.

Although most symptoms go unnoticed, speech is frequently slurred, and walking might cause stiff arms.

Symptoms typically manifest on one side of the body and persist as the illness worsens.