Sad News Regarding “Dallas” Actress Linda Gray

Sad news regarding “Dallas” actress Linda Gray

In the 1960s, one of the most famous movie posters featured a young Dustin Hoffman admiring a pair of legs. Contrary to popular belief, those legs did not belong to Anne Bancroft from the movie “The Graduate.” They actually belonged to Linda Gray, the co-star of the CBS soap opera “Dallas.”

Elizabeth Taylor famously referred to Linda Gray as “the b*tch with the long legs.” It’s surprising to learn that Linda was paralyzed as a child due to polio. At the age of five in 1945, she was diagnosed with polio, which affected her central nervous system and the neural connections between her brain and muscles. Despite feeling sensations in her legs, she couldn’t move them.

Linda’s mother turned to alcohol for comfort and developed an addiction after hearing the devastating news of her daughter’s diagnosis. In her memoir, “The Road to Happiness Is Always Under Construction,” Linda shares that she carried the burden of her own diagnosis silently due to her mother’s drinking and her parents’ depression.

Sad news regarding “Dallas” actress Linda Gray

During that time, polio treatment often involved the use of iron lungs, a heavy metal ventilator. Although Linda’s lungs were not affected by the virus, doctors recommended that she be placed in the iron lung. However, her parents chose an alternative therapy instead, which involved exercises with Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Linda’s mother would lift and lower her legs while she lay in bed. Gradually, her legs began to regain their functionality, and she started walking again.

Growing up in a troubled household, Linda wanted to escape as soon as possible. She stopped attending school and became a full-time model to support herself. It was during this time that she met Ed Thrasher, a renowned album cover artist, who would later become her abusive husband.

Sad news regarding “Dallas” actress Linda Gray

After enduring ten years of abuse and control, Linda decided it was time to take back her life. She made her acting debut as a transgender character in the show “All That Glitters.” Eventually, she landed the role of Sue Ellen in the iconic soap opera “Dallas,” which became one of the highlights of her career.

Playing the character of Sue Ellen allowed Linda to confront her own pains and fears. She saw it as an opportunity to break free from her mother’s alcoholism and avoid becoming a hopeless and lonely woman like Sue Ellen or her mother.

In her forties, Linda sought professional help to address her traumas and establish boundaries with her mother and ex-husband. By setting boundaries, she was able to maintain a healthier relationship with her mother, even during her final years.

After divorcing her on-screen husband JR Ewing, Linda enjoyed a fulfilling and joyful sexual life. She believes that age has not diminished her interest in pleasure and orgasm.

Linda Gray continued to appear in “Dallas” reboots from 2012 to 2014, earning nominations for Golden Globes and an Emmy for her portrayal of JR Ewing’s wife.

Sad news regarding “Dallas” actress Linda Gray

Despite the challenges she faced, Linda Gray’s journey from overcoming polio as a child to finding success in Hollywood is truly inspiring. Her resilience and determination serve as an inspiration to all.