Sad News About Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith, one of the most beloved actresses of the 1980s, was recently seen in West Hollywood with a noticeable mark on her cheek. While she hasn’t addressed the rumors, sources close to her reveal that there are concerns about a possible recurrence of skin cancer. Melanie has a history of battling this disease and has undergone numerous surgeries since 2009.

You may remember Melanie from her iconic role in the movie Working Girl. But behind the glamorous life of a Hollywood star, she has dealt with the challenges of skin cancer. Five years ago, she was photographed with a bandage on her nose after a similar surgery.

Dr. Gabe Mirkin from Florida, who has commented on Melanie’s case but hasn’t treated her personally, believes it is highly likely that the recent surgery was related to skin cancer. He explains that about 95% of skin cancer cases are basal cell carcinomas, which are usually curable. These growths are visible on the surface and can be easily removed by a surgeon in the early stages.

However, when the skin cancer is located around sensitive areas like the ears, nose, eyes, or mouth, additional surgeries may be necessary. The disease has the potential to penetrate beneath the skin in these areas. As a result, the standard practice is to continue making incisions until no more cancer cells are found.

Dr. Mirkin also clarifies that if the cancer were a different and less common type called squamous cell carcinoma, the treatment would be different. In such cases, it is possible to remove the cancer entirely and have perfectly normal skin around it. However, squamous cell carcinomas are rare.

Melanie has always emphasized the importance of protecting oneself from the harmful rays of the sun. She advises everyone, especially those who spend a lot of time in the sun, to exercise extreme caution and regularly use sunscreen. It is also essential to schedule regular consultations with a dermatologist.

Despite her health struggles, it is important to remember that Melanie is still only 65 years old. She has a wonderful family, including her daughters Dakota Johnson, a 33-year-old actress, and Stella Banderas, a talented singer. Her son, Alexander Bauer, is also part of this close-knit family at 37 years old.

Let’s send our well wishes to Melanie Griffith during this time, hoping for her swift recovery and continued good health.