Rescue Dog With Huge Smile Wins Hearts, But Still Needs a Home

Rescue Dog with a Huge Smile and ‘Full Body Wags’ Wins Hearts, But Is Still Looking for a Home

Bitsy the pit bull mix is at the City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services searching for a forever home filled with love and attention

Bitsy the rescue dog has a winning smile but it hasn’t earned her a home yet.

The pit bull mix arrived at the City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services on April 22 after an eventful day as a stray.

“We actually received multiple calls from concerned citizens about her because she was running loose as a stray. They said she was a happy and friendly dog, but it was like she was just enjoying a random stroll through a neighborhood and didn’t want to stop,” a spokesperson from the City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services, tells PEOPLE.

Officer Alex Pollard eventually found the dog after Bitsy completed her fun run around the Arlington neighborhood and ended up at the house of one of the concerned citizens who called about the canine.

“Officer Alex Pollard said when she arrived to the address, Bitsy was laying on her back, feet up in the air like she had just had the best day, but was worn out from her fun,” the spokesperson shares, adding, “Officer Pollard said she was immediately one of those dogs that she knows she will remember forever, and not because of her now popular window picture, but because she was so happy and full of life.”

According to the City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services, many stray dogs arrive at the shelter “scared and overwhelmed,” but not Bitsy.

“Bitsy immediately made her presence known. She is a happy, rambunctious, energetic dog. She is very attached to being with people and makes the funniest dinosaur noises when she wants more attention from you,” the shelter says.

Bisty has so much positive energy that the shelter employees say the dog “has full body wags” whenever she meets someone new.

Another thing that is impossible to ignore about Bitsy, who the shelter estimates is 3 or 4, is her smile.

“Bitsy’s smile was noticed instantly! She is literally always happy, but especially when she sees or is with people!” the shelter spokesperson says.

After Bitsy’s 72-hour stray hold ended and no owner came forward to claim the friendly dog, the pup was prepared for adoption.

“She was made available for adoption on April 25, but as a VIP Adoptable Pet because we believe she may be hard of hearing or even deaf due to behavior observations made while caring for her. When pets are made VIP at Arlington Animal Services, we reduce their adoption fee and feature them in hopes of finding their forever homes quickly,” the City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services spokesperson explains.

On April 30, the shelter got a chance to showcase Bitsy’s engaging smile. The City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services moved the dog to one of its limited number of kennels at the front of the shelter in the facility’s “adoption mall.” Here, Bitsy has a big window where she can look at potential pet parents visiting the shelter.

The City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services spokesperson says that “within seconds” of Bitsy moving into her new kennel, she popped up to look out the window with a massive smile on her face.

“She was so happy! It honestly didn’t surprise us, but it is like she knew this was her chance at a family! She loves looking out the window and seeing staff or visitors in the shelter and is even happier than she was before,” the shelter spokesperson shared.

Michelle Patchett | City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services

A shelter employee snapped a photo of Bitsy smiling out her window and shared it on Facebook with the caption, “The face you make when you make your adoption mall debut.”

The post earned over 2,400 shares on Facebook but has not generated adoption interest for Bitsy.

“She is sadly still waiting, and we haven’t really had anyone reach out about her, despite the popular window photo and how adorable she is,” the City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services spokesperson shares, adding the shelter is still happy the dog received an “outpouring of love” online.

The shelter says Bitsy would do best with a responsible pet owner “looking for a fun and energetic dog to love.”

“Bitsy wants and needs love, time, and attention,” according to the shelter. She also needs “someone willing to work with the possibility of her being deaf. She is a smart dog who absolutely loves to please people.”

The City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services hopes Bitsy finds a loving home soon, where she can share her smile with a family, and that the adorable dog makes more animal lovers consider adoption.

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“We are confident a new family will come for Bitsy, but we hope this brings awareness to homeless shelter dogs waiting in the windows everywhere and that someone will consider opening their hearts and homes to a shelter dog in need,” the spokesperson says.

To learn more about Bitsy and other adoptable pets from the City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services, visit the shelter’s website.