Remembering Tina Turner: A True Inspiration

In a tragic tribute, the last words of the legendary performer, Tina Turner, to Angela Bassett have been revealed. Angela Bassett, who gained notoriety for her role as Tina Turner in a biopic in 1993, spoke about her close friendship with the music icon and her passing.

Turner, a well-known artist who rose to fame in the 1960s, passed away on May 24 at the age of 83 in her home in Switzerland. Her portrayal in the film “What’s Love Got to Do With It” earned Bassett an Academy Award nomination and received rave reviews. Saying goodbye to someone of Turner’s influence was not easy for Bassett, as she contemplated how to honor a woman who fearlessly embraced her pain and used it to drive positive change.

Tina Turner served as an inspiration, not just because of her musical talent, but also because of her courage in sharing her story and staying true to herself. She carved out a place in the rock and roll world and showed people living in fear what a future filled with love, compassion, and freedom could look like.

Bassett revealed Turner’s final words to her, expressing that she never copied her but instead found her own inner Tina and introduced her to the world. These words resonated deeply with Bassett, leaving a lasting imprint on her heart. Despite initial reservations about the biopic, Turner was astounded by Bassett’s performance and exclaimed, “She’s perfect!”

In her statement, Bassett encouraged everyone to find their own “inner Tina” and drew inspiration from Turner’s incredible journey. While the world mourns the loss of Turner’s iconic voice and presence, her inspiring legacy will endure. Bassett described her as a “queen” with timeless music and an enduring soul. Turner was an undeniable gift to the world.

As we bid farewell, may Tina Turner find eternal rest guided by angels, and may we always embrace the best aspects of her remarkable life.